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Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Jorge Galicia and I am a photographer. You can see some of my work in the galleries down below. Hope you enjoy it!


Back to School Project
Glass Products
Eggies Special Project
Cereal Project
Pets Project
Shoes Project
Models Project
Architecture Project
Tools Project
Interiors Project
Tech Project
Sandwich Project

Sometimes I like to switch my camera from stills into video mode. See how all the preproduction, shots, audio, and editing came together in the projects below.


All In A Day's Work

As my first attempt at a motion picture I chose to go with something I was already familiar with, so I chose to do a time lapse of a day at a local window covering manufacturer. My intention was to showcase the diverse line of products they manufactured as well as the talent of their workers while keeping the mood playful but classy.


After getting more comfortable with the medium I decided to jump in the deep end by shooting a "short" with a couple of talented friends. We all found out the amount of work it takes to film a lengthy feature and learned more than a few things along the way. The satisfaction of seeing it all put together made the effort we put into this film seem worth the time.

Since you have come this far down the page I might as well tell you more about myself. I could fill a book with tales of adventure and wonder but I will do my best to be brief.


Jorge Galicia

My name is Jorge Galicia, I live in Los Angeles, and I am a nerd. Even my love for photography stems from this fact. The camera blends my appreciation for art with my endless curiosity into a perfect mixture. Having started learning about film photography I was compelled to keep aquiring new technical and artistic techniques. Once comfortable with film I moved on to digital photography, and ultimately into videography. Even now I continue to expand my skill set by learning to code and design websites, including this one.

I credit my modest success to this curiosity, which at times can be overwhelming, but at the same time drives me to grow beyond my limits. It is fortunate to be involved in something not necessarily for personal gain or fame, but for the mere opportunity to learn something new. I always look forward to implementing my skills on projects and when working with others to create something grand.

If this evidence regarding my nerdiness is insufficient I have often been spotted playing video games, roleplaying with my Dungeons & Dragons group, watching anime, and pampering my greek tortoise. However, I spend most time researching and planing my next project so keep in touch to see what I come up with next!

Now that you have seen my work and read all about me, I would really like to hear from you! Get the conversation started by dropping me a line down below.


Send me a message! Tell me about yourself and let us get the ball rolling on any projects or collaboration oportunities. You can also visit and follow me on my social media sites to see more of my work or get to know more about me.


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